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Welcome to Taurus Season

The Sun has shifted from fiery, dynamic Aries to grounded, steady Taurus. Expect an energy shift. If Aries is dancing on the table, Taurus is working in the garden and then a nap in the hammock! Are you ready to kick back a little bit?

Welcome to Taurus Season! The Sun has shifted into Taurus and will remain there until May 20, 2022.

If you are a Taurus, this is your season! Happy Birthday!

As the Sun moves through each zodiac sign, it follows a pattern and rhythm that we can all get accustomed to.

The Astrological year begins with the Fire sign Aries. Aries is dynamic, enthusiastic and fast-paced, Aries embodies "starter energy".

Taurus (Earth) comes to remind us to slow down and smell, see, hear, touch and "taste" the roses, but first, we actually have to plant the seeds. Taurus reminds us to enjoy the process and be patient while we await the outcome (the blossoming rose bush).

Aries acts with reckless abandon, Taurus reminds us to focus. Steady wins the race.

And...steady is NOT boring!

Steady is solid and comforting.


To make the most of Taurus season:

  • Get out in nature and enjoy it!

  • Spend time on self-care

  • Indulge in something luscious! It could be a treat for your eyes ( a piece of art), nose ( a gorgeous new perfume, essential oil... or a new piercing), ears (dangly earrings or your favorite 🎵 jams), hands (a glitzy ring...or new gardening tools) or your palate (lobster, champagne, a Teuscher chocolate truffle)!


In the midst of Taurus season, we will have our first eclipse of the year. This will occur at the New Moon in Taurus on April 30 (this will be the second New Moon in April, unless you are in The Australian time zone).

On May 10, the second Mercury Retrograde period for this year begins. It will last until June 3, 2022. Mercury Retrograde signals another chance to slow down...

Get out your diary now...and pencil in some chill time!

In honor of both Taurus Season and the Eclipse Season, I am now offering a 1:1 Personalized Reading to discuss the North Node/South Node placements in your Natal Chart.

The North Node and South Node refer to the nodes of the Moon and that is what is triggered during an Eclipse. An Eclipse lasts for mere moments, but the impact it could have on you are more long-lasting...surprises, sudden shifts, new pathways opening up!

If you would like to check out your North Node/South Node placement in your Natal Chart, just click on the button below.

I am offering this Reading at an amazing price ($47), over 50% off the regular price ($105)!

Book now, this offer will not last long!

PS: Enjoy Taurus Season! Kick back a little bit and chill...

If it's your birthday...CELEBRATE WELL!

Talk Soon.


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