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Notice the Shifting Energy!

Two planets shift into new signs this week, which ushers in new energy for us all!

Monday was July 10, 2023, we have two planets moving into new signs.

Mercury, the planet of talking, thinking and all things communication, moves into Leo until July 28, 2023.

Mars, the planet of action, energy and aggression moves into Virgo until August 27, 2023.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet and it zips through each sign in just a few weeks (unless it is retrograde).

As Mercury changes sign, the nature of our communication shifts along with it.

Mercury in Leo is confident, convincing and persuasive.

When Mercury is in Leo...we may not listen as well as we talk!

Mercury in Leo is focused on the GOAL, and the bigger, the better!

What's your goal for July?

Write it down, make a plan and go for it!

Mars is the planet of action, energy and aggression.

Mars is moving into Virgo, an Earth sign that is all about hard work, excellence and service to others.

Mars in Virgo wants you to put in the extra effort!

Mars in Virgo wants you to:

- Get Healthy- have you been thinking about a new eating or exercise plan? Now is the time to implement it!

- Get Things Done- Don't think, just DO IT!

- Work the Plan- You made the plan, now put it into action!

- Ditch the Criticism (if you can't say anything nice, zip your lip!)

If you are having trouble getting motivated, book in for a FREE 15-minute Clarity Call where we can draw the focus to the area you need to work on!

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