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New Workshop!

Leo season is coming and the energy is powerful for building your courage, confidence and fun quotient!

Do you think Astrology can be used to improve your personal and business life?

I'm living proof that it can!

I ditched my job, retired early and designed a business that is engaging, interesting, fun and I can operate it from anywhere! But, mostly I like to do it from right here:

If you have goals you want to reach or desires you want to manifest, let's harness the dynamic energy of Leo season and create a roadmap to success in both your personal and business life.

In my upcoming FREE Workshop, Ignite Your Fire: Write Your Own Guide to Thrive During Leo Season, I will guide you in using your unique Natal Chart to tap into your inner fire and unlock your true potential.

Leo energy supports confidence, leadership, courage, passion, playfulness, self-expression and personal radiance!

We will identify where Leo is in your chart so you can set goals to bring the confidence, courage and passion to that area of your life.

Let's craft your customized guide to navigate Leo season with intention and purpose!

You will set clear goals, define actionable steps and leverage astrological insights to propel you toward success in your business and personal life.

The workshop is happening on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 at 6:00 pm (EDT), 7:00 pm (ADT). We will meet on Zoom.

Click on the button to register:

See you soon!

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