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Venus Enters Leo

Venus will be in the fiery sign of Leo from June 5-October 8, 2023.

Today, Venus (the planet of love, beauty and pleasure) is moving into the bold, fiery sign of Leo.

Venus usually stays in a sign for about 3 weeks, but because it will station Retrograde in July, it's actually going to be in Leo for about 4 months.

Leo is a great sign for Venus to be stuck in for an extended period of time!

Venus is about love, romance, beauty and pleasure.

Then, we mix in the Leo energy:

Bold, confident, charismatic, creative, fun, playful, dramatic.

Isn't that a great mix of energies?

Even if you are not a Leo, you have Leo somewhere in your chart.

So, for the next 4 months you want to harness your Leo qualities and focus them into the love/romance/beauty/pleasure sector of your life.

Doesn't that sound fun?

It could be a good time to ramp up the romance in your current love relationship, it could be a good time to find a new romantic partner or it could be a good time to engage in activities that are fun and pleasurable for you.

It's also an ideal time to be around children, mostly because they are great role models for play and fun.

If you don't have any children, borrow some!

Following up on the great energy from the Sagittarius Full Moon (spirituality, curiosity, learning something new, adventure) I will be running my FREE Masterclass, Manifesting Magic with the Moon again on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 6:00 pm (EDT), 7:00 pm (ADT).

You can register for that here:

As soon as Venus enters Leo, it will be exactly opposite Pluto in Aquarius (both at 0°).

This aspect can be a little intense. It can trigger power struggles in relationships (romantic, social and work relationships), bring up feelings of jealousy or shine a light on manipulative behavior.

If you fall head over heels for someone during this transit (over the next 2-3 days) out!🤣

It's not the kind of energy that supports love at first sight (too much potential for lies and deception).

But Venus moves pretty quickly, so after a few days this energy will diminish.

If you have any questions, simply respond to this email.

Talk soon!

"Everything you need to know is in your Natal Chart."

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