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Welcome to Scorpio Season

Welcome to Scorpio Season! Happy Birthday to all the gorgeous Scorpio souls! Scorpio season began on Sunday, October 23, and ends when the Sun moves into Sagittarius on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

Scorpio Season begins this weekend and it is generally a deep and transformative time.

There is a lot going on in the skies now, so let me break it all down for you!

Today, the Sun is conjunct Venus. They are sitting right together in the sign of Libra (this is known as Cazimi).

It's a magical time for love, relationships, partnerships, luck, abundance, beauty, art, music.

Everything that Venus is connected with will be amplified by its closeness to the bright Sun.

Have fun, be affectionate, get creative, enjoy all the beauty and abundance the Universe has to offer!

This energy will last for the next few days, make the most of it!

Saturn, the planet of limitations and discipline has been Retrograde for about the past 5 months (since June 4). It is turning Direct tomorrow.

We use the time of Retrogrades to reflect, review, re-think, redo. With Saturn getting ready to move forward, now is the time to focus on taking full responsibility for yourself and your actions, moving forward in a consistent, disciplined way and putting structures in place that will help you reach your goals.

After Saturn turns Direct, Venus will enter Scorpio and then the Sun will enter Scorpio (all in the early morning hours).

Venus gets deep in Scorpio and wants meaningful connection, nothing shallow!

Scorpios have a reputation of being intense...they're not mean...they just feel things strongly!

The major themes of Scorpio Season include deep transformation and change, connecting with your soul mate, gaining power through self-mastery, living on the edge, being aware of other people's needs, knowing all there is to know (including the secrets!) and successfully managing financial partnerships.

Scorpio Season also brings Eclipse Season, so if you are not ready for change...brace yourself, it might be happening to you anyway!

There will be a partial Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Scorpio on October 25, 2022. I will discuss that more in my next email.

I need to go and prepare my Scorpio playlist!

The Scorpio list of musicians is an interesting bunch...what I noticed right off the bat is that there were not really a lot of blockbuster stars.

After Virgo (Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Van Morrison, etc.) and Libra (John Lennon, Bruno Mars, Ashanti, etc.) Scorpio is a little bit lackluster, but I'll try to make it interesting!

I have some thoughts on why there may not be a lot of Scorpio talent, if you have any thoughts on it, reply back to me, I'd love to hear your ideas!

And if you are having trouble navigating these tumultuous times, let's check out your chart and see what's going on.

Book in for a Natal Chart Reading or for a 15-minute FREE Clarity Call. Let's chat!


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