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Welcome to Pisces Season!

Happy Birthday to all the beautiful Pisces souls! February 18-March 20, 2023

Welcome to Pisces season! February 18-March 20, 2023

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, the end of the circle, the sign of eternity, reincarnation, and spiritual rebirth.

You have to be an old soul to be a Pisces!

Pisces loves to look at the inner soul and essence of people, they can see right into your psyche!

Pisces rules:

  • Imagination

  • Fantasy

  • Sleep

  • Internal Happiness

  • Bliss

  • Universal Love

  • Emotional Sensitivity

  • Gentleness

  • Trust

  • Surrender

  • Mystical States

  • Spiritual Awareness

Even if you are not a Pisces, you have Pisces somewhere in your chart.

Where does your Pisces show up and how do you embody it?

This Pisces season is going to be quite impactful, as Saturn (the planet of hard work, discipline, limitations, restrictions and life lessons) is making a move from Aquarius (Saturn has been there since 2020) into Pisces.

Later in March, Pluto (the planet of power, passion and transformation) will be making a move from Capricorn into Aquarius.

Two slow-moving planets changing signs is quite significant and will impact everyone.

We are starting to feel the shifts now and a lot of people are feeling very heavy energy, overwhelm and even depression.

There was some hard energy this week and several clients reached out to ask what was going on and how to best navigate it.

I made this Guided Tapping Meditation for those clients and now I'm sharing it with you.

Click here to download it:

The shifts that are happening with the planets are not going to be sudden and earth-shattering, it's more likely you will notice subtle shifts over time.

But, if you have planets at or close to 28° Aquarius or 29° Capricorn, you may be having a rough time of it.

If so, reach out, I'm here to help!

Want help you make it through the rest of 2023?

If you are a Pisces, wishing you Bountiful Birthday Blessings and if you are not a Pisces, find the Pisces in you and embrace it!

Enjoy Pisces Season 2023!

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