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Welcome to Leo Season 🦁

The Sun will be in Leo from July 22-August 22, 2022. Happy Birthday to all the sizzling Leos!

Leo season is here and it's time for some fun in the Sun!

Leo is a fixed, Fire sign, ruled by the Sun, so it makes perfect sense that this season rolls in at the height of summer (here in the northern hemisphere).

Most of us are feeling our best at this time of year, we have time to relax, play, get a little golden glow on!

We look good, we feel good and we want to have fun...that's pretty much what Leo season is all about!

The main keywords or themes for Leo season are creativity, confidence, courage, vim, vigor and vitality. It is an ideal time to connect to your inner child, create experiences of joy and pleasure and revel in your own uniqueness.

So, how are YOU going to shine this Leo season?

We are a little more than half-way through the year. Now might be a great time to pause, check-in and see how the goals and intentions you set at the beginning of the year are doing.

Are you still moving toward them? Have you manifested some? Or have you gone completely off the track?

My great friend, Barbara Pellegrino (THE VisionBoard QUEEN) is holding a FREE Visionboard workshop this coming Thursday, July 28, 2022.

This workshop is perfectly timed with the New Moon in Leo, a powerful and magical time to set new intentions!

If this interests you, click the link below to join. It's FREE! And I guarantee it will be fun (I will definitely be in attendance)!

Be bold!

Be brave!

Be creative!

Enjoy Leo season! ♌️🌞


Check out my Sun Sign Guide:


Wondering what your main element is? Take my quiz!

Talk soon,

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