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The New Moon in Sagittarius is Coming

This New Moon in Sagittarius will take place on November 23, 2022, at 2:57 pm (PST), 5:57 pm (EST), 6:57 pm (AST), 10:57 pm (London), and on November 24 at 9:57 am (Sydney), adjust for your time wherever you are in the world.

This Sagittarius New Moon is going to feel like a fresh breeze blowing through your house! In fact, open all the windows and let a fresh breeze come through and take out all that Eclipse and other heavy energy that has been riding us for the past few months.

Say goodbye to the upsets, surprises, changes, stress, and struggles that were so obviously present during this last Eclipse season.

The Sagittarius New Moon is rolling in and bringing good luck and good times along with it!

The main themes of this Sagittarius New Moon include travel, adventure, freedom, optimism, peace of mind, finding solutions, and good luck.

Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Right this minute, STOP! Take a big, deep breath. Breathe in optimism. Breathe out frustration.

Take another deep breath. Breathe in peace of mind. Breathe out worry.

Take one more deep breath. Breathe in freedom. Breathe out overwhelm.

Feel better?

To make the most of this Sagittarius New Moon, wrap your head around truth, potential, and forging new paths.

This New Moon occurs with both the Sun and the Moon sitting at 1° Sagittarius, with Mercury and Venus sitting in Sagittarius as well, just a few degrees away.

This brings very sociable energy. It's a great time to get together with friends, be caring, loving and have fun.

Just a few minutes after the New Moon occurs, Jupiter (the planet of luck and abundance) will Station Direct after being Retrograde since the end of July.

Let the good times roll!

Enjoy the new Moon in Sagittarius. Remember to set some big, juicy, audacious intentions for yourself!

💫💖Love and Light💖💫

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