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The Full Moon in Taurus

This Full "Beaver" Blood Moon in Taurus took place on November 8 at 3:01 am (PST), 6:01 am (EST), 7:01 am (AST), 11:01 am (London), 10:01 pm (Sydney), adjust for your time wherever you are in the world.

Are you feeling this Full Moon? It has some big energy, so don't be surprised if you are restless, sleepless or have vivid dreams!

If you are tired and lethargic...that might be energy from Mars Retrograde affecting you. I'll talk about that in a minute.

This Full Moon in Taurus comes with a total Lunar Eclipse. It should be visible across North America, the Pacific, Asia and Australia (according to

The Eclipse will begin about 3 hours before the Full Moon occurs (3:02 am EST), but you won't be able to see much at first.

It is going to get interesting about 2 hours in, when totality begins (5:17 am EST) and will last about 80 minutes. It will be over at 6:42 am EST.

Go look at it, the next total eclipse won't happen until 2025.

I found a short video about eclipses at national Click the link below to watch it:

Now, back to the Full Moon!

The Sun is in Scorpio, the Moon is in Taurus (they are opposite each other in the sky). So, we are balancing the stable, comfortable, practical energy of Taurus with the probing, intense, powerful energy of Scorpio.

The Full Moon calls us to release anything that is no longer serving us.

With a Full Moon in Taurus, the areas of your life to check in with are love, money and comfort.

Love- Check in with your most important you need to release the relationship, or do you need to release the issue (jealousy, mistrust, fear of abandonment, etc.) that is affecting the relationship?

Money- How are your money habits? Do you love it and attract it easily? Do you fear it (or fear lack of it) and push it away?

Comfort- How is your environment and surroundings? Now is a perfect time to de-clutter! Clear your space of the junk to make room for new, wonderful things to come in.

Eclipses can bring sudden, unexpected changes. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it usually happens when you need to be put on your right path.

This Full Moon is sitting right next to Uranus and Uranus can bring surprises as well! You may be creatively inspired and/or have very intense dreams. Pay attention to your instincts, they will lead you in the right direction.

The Moon is opposite both Mercury and Venus. Mercury thinks, the Moon may find yourself swinging between being analytical or overly emotional. Venus will add feelings of love and affection.

Then there's Saturn, the planet of limits and discipline, squaring the Moon. This aspect could bring up feelings of sadness, loneliness, guilt, shame, depression-you may be fixated on past relationship failures and have a hard time connecting to others.

The good news is, the aspects don't last that long, the energy may be strong for part of the day, then it will dissipate.

The other activity that is of interest is Mars Retrograde. Mars stationed Retrograde on October 30 and will turn Direct on January 12, 2023.

I was going to write to you about it last week, but I was sleeping. And if I wasn't sleeping, I was napping...I'm not kidding, I had no energy to get anything done. I usually walk and exercise at least 5 times a week, last week: zero!

The only thing that made me get off the couch was the desire to find out what was making me so tired and lethargic!

I blame Mars...turning Retrograde.

Mars is the planet of energy, assertion and sex drive. And now it appears to be moving backward in the sky.

Anytime a planet is retrograde, the energy is directed inward, rather than outward. So, with Mars Retrograde, instead of feeling energetic, you may feel depleted.

I'm an Aries, so Mars is prominent in my chart- I was totally feeling it!

If you want to find out where Mars is in your chart- book in for a quick call and we can find out:

Enjoy the Full Moon!

Check out the Eclipse (if possible)

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