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Seek Peace and Harmony - Libra Full Moon

The Moon reached Full at 11:54 am (PDT), 2:54 pm (EDT), 3:54 pm (ADT), 7:54 pm (London), on Sunday at 4:54 am (Sydney), adjust for your time zone wherever you are in the world.

You can feel the energy of the Full Moon building 3 days ahead of it and it lasts for 3 days after.

The Libra Full Moon is here and it's all about relationships. Here's what you need to know:

At this Full Moon we are asked to balance the fiery energy of Aries with the harmonious energy of Libra. The main theme of this Full Moon is relationships (including the one you have with yourself).

Aries is all about "me" and Libra is all about "we".

A good blend of this energy is fully knowing and accepting yourself and entering relationships that will be equal, supportive and positive.

Be cautious of the low vibe energy that might be around, Aries energy can include anger, rage, aggression, and selfishness.

Libra's low energy can be about passive aggressiveness and waffling, unable to make a decision.

This is the Full Moon to look at your relationships, not just romantic relationships, but all of them: friends, neighbors, co-workers, extended family and even the people you don't like.

Make adjustments where necessary and release the ones that are not working anymore. Just let them go, once and for all.

It is also a good time to release distractions from your life.

Libra stresses peace and harmony.

Give yourself some peace of mind by getting rid of the distractions or at least taking a break from them (your devices, the news, gossipy friends).

Happy Full Moon in Libra 🌝♎

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