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Mars Enters Gemini

Mars entered Gemini on August 20, 2022 for an extra long stretch of time (about 7 months!) including a 2-month retrograde.

Mars is getting ready to shift from the grounded, stable sign of Taurus into the lively, adaptable sign of Gemini on August 20, 2022 and remain there until March 25, 2023.

Mars usually stays in each sign for about 6 weeks, so this 7-month stay will be extra-long and it is sure to impact you in many areas!

Mars in Taurus wanted you to use your energy in a determined and focused way to relax and enjoy leisure and vacation time.

Mars in Gemini is going to ramp up your "monkey mind" and cause you to want to start multi-tasking, which could make you feel a little scattered!

To prepare for this extra-long trip of Mars through the mutable, Air sign of Gemini, let's understand a little about the planet and a little about the sign, so you'll know everything you need to know to manage this energy.

Mars is the planet of energy and assertiveness. It governs your force, aggression, and sex drive. Mars indicates what you are passionate about!

Some keywords for Mars: Ambition, Desire, Courage, Strength, Strife, Conflict, Tension, Anger (and some associations: heat, fire, accidents, earthquakes, violence, war).

Some characteristics of a person using the high road of Mars: a powerful leader, go-getter personality, good energy, strong constitution, adventurous, pioneering, and enterprising.

The low road of Mars: discordant relationships, argumentative, reckless, impulsive, impatient, quick-tempered.

Gemini is an Air sign, so it's all about communication. Gemini has a quick mind, but can be flighty, scattered, and likes to do 1,000 things at once!

The Energy of Mars in Gemini:

Managing the Energy:

- Intense

- Exercise to get out of your head

- Reactive

- Check yourself, check your words

- Racing Mind

- "Disciplined" Multi-tasking: it's a good time to get stuff done, but focus on 2 things, not 100!

- Sleeplessness

- Try new things: take a course, pick a new hobby, join a new activity

- Worry

- Manipulation / Deception

How's your Mars? Now is the perfect time to book a Mars Reading and explore the placement of Mars in your Natal Chart. We will look at the sign it is in, the house it is in and any planets that are impacting it. Get ready to enter this 7-month transit of Mars through Gemini and rock it!


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