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Love Gets Dreamy!

Venus, the planet of love, money, pleasure, beauty, the arts and happiness is moving from Aquarius to Pisces for about the next 3 weeks.

Thursday night, the planet Venus made its way into Pisces.

When Venus is in Pisces, it is in its exaltation- that means we get the full power of the planet shining down on us!

Venus is not just any planet, just like the Roman Goddess (who taught the art of seduction), Venus rules over love and pleasure.

Be prepared to bask in its glory from January 26-February 20, 2023.

Venus is leaving Aquarius, which is not a comfortable placement for her (too aloof, too intellectual, too independent, too experimental), and moving into the sign of her highest favor.

If you are looking for love, expect to be a love magnet for the next 3 weeks.

If you are already in love, expect to feel more compassionate, forgiving, tender and affectionate toward your partner and expect those feelings to be returned to you, by your partner.

Make epic plans for Valentine's Day.

Notice the beauty all around you.

What you usually find beautiful will now appear to be stunning. Your beauty sensors will be on high alert.

Money may start flowing to you from both expected and unexpected sources.

If you are creative, pay attention to the ideas and nudges you are getting- you may be ready to create your next, big thing.

The next three weeks are just made for love, pleasure, cuddles, seduction, $$$, art and creativity!

Make the most of it!

P.S. If you want to check where Venus is in your chart, book a free Clarity Call:

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