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Jupiter is Retrograde

Jupiter is known as "The Great Benefic" or "The Greater Fortune" in Astrology. Jupiter brings luck, abundance, generosity, success, and joy!

Yes, Please!

Just a couple of hours after the New Moon, Jupiter (the planet of luck and abundance) stationed Retrograde (in Aries) for the next 4 months.

The word "Retrograde" can instill panic in many people, but I am here to calm your fears and explain what Jupiter Retrograde means for you!

The planet Jupiter is not like Mercury, so there is no need to panic when Jupiter is Retrograde.

Mercury is the planet of communication, the mind, information, transportation, short trips and it controls your nerves, hands and fingers. That's why when Mercury is Retrograde, we worry about glitches or snafus with computers, cars, schedules and communications.

Jupiter is a different planet all together!

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, luck, generosity, success, optimism and joy!

When you think Retrograde, focus on the "re", because when any planet is in Retrograde, it's a pause that gives us time to reflect, review, rethink, re-examine, reassess.

Think back to the beginning of the year and the brand new goals,newfound and intentions you laid out for yourself. As the year progressed, you probably achieved some, forgot others or changed your mind altogether. That's just the natural rhythm of life.

Around March or April, at the end of the first quarter, at the end of the winter (or summer), you may have checked your progress or re-assessed. When spring begins, people tend to have new found energy, especially because it is Aries season and Aries is all about fresh starts!

Jupiter moved into Aries on May 10, around that time you may have felt invigorated, started down a new path or moved forward on a project.

Now, from July 28-November 23, 2022, you have a chance to slow down, look inward and think about your options. Jupiter's focus is your professional life, your personal development and your spiritual growth.

Review the goals and intentions you have in those areas. How much progress have you made toward achieving them?

Jupiter in Aries puts the focus on ambition and putting yourself forward.

If you have set intentions and goals in these areas, now is the time to review, reflect, reassess, rethink, re-examine.

  • Are you working towards what you truly want?

  • Are you taking the right steps toward your goals?

  • Can you improve in any area?

  • Are you sure you are going after your biggest, boldest goals and dreams?

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Enjoy the next few months of Jupiter Retrograde to slow down, look inward and think about your options!


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