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Happy Astrological New Year!

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."


Welcome Spring Equinox (Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere) and welcome Aries season! Hopefully, we are ushering in a season full of fresh energy and promise! I'm ready for it and I'm sure you are too!

The Sun moving into Aries brings a little Fire energy to the skies. We've been without it for a while and we can use some to kickstart this new season!

Before bounding into this new season, take some time to contemplate the past 12 months. So many things have changed and we all have dealt with so much...trauma, grief, anxiety, fear, unknowing (pivot after pivot after pivot...). Reflect and then release. Visualize how you want the next 12 months to look. Each day, take 1 inspired action toward your new goals.

Some Aries Keywords: Leader, Energetic, Fearless, Honest, Loyal, Straightforward, Inspirational, Enthusiastic, Passionate, Motivated, Confident, a little Bossy...

You may not be Aries, but we all have Aries somewhere in our charts. I invite you to choose one of the Aries traits as your keyword for the next 12 months, use it to guide you the whole year through.

Aries Who Inspire Us: Maya Angelou, Pope Benedict XVI, Diana Ross, William Wordsworth, Lady Gaga, Leonardo Da Vinci, Chaka Khan, Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Frost, Vincent Van Gogh, Elton John, Jill Scott

Cheers 🥂 to the Equinoxes and cheers to fresh energy!

Tricia 💓💓💓


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