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Energy Shifts this Week!

This week we will experience a shift in energies as both Mercury and Mars move into a new sign.

You may feel a shift in energy early in the week as Mercury (the planet of thinking, talking, and communicating) moves from Gemini into Cancer and Mars (the planet of energy, assertiveness, and aggression) moves from Aries to Taurus.

Mercury is leaving the Air sign of Gemini, one of the signs it rules (the other is Virgo) to move into the sensitive, emotional sign of Cancer. Mercury will move through Cancer from July 5-19, 2022.

Mercury in Gemini is busy, buzzy, social, chatty and flirty. Mercury in Gemini is about large scale communication (shouting your ideas out to the world!)

When Mercury moves into Cancer, the energy is more intuitive and emotional. The focus is more personal, paying attention to your own feelings and those of your family, friends and people you care about.

Mars is also moving out of the sign it rules, fiery Aries, into the grounded, Earth sign of Taurus. Mars is a slower moving planet than zippy Mercury, it will move through Taurus from July 5- August 21, 2022.

Mars in Taurus is letting us slow down and enjoy! Taurus energy is cautious, steady and stable-so different from the impulsive energy of Aries!

Mars in Taurus will support you to establish stability and security by reaching your goals step-by-step, rather than a mad dash.

It's a good time to focus on your financial security, spending time in nature, gardening, eating delicious food and beautifying your surroundings.

Calling all LEOS! Are you a Leo?

I have set aside a few slots to do Solar Return Readings at a special discount!

A Solar Return Reading is a reading of your chart, cast for the exact moment the Sun returns to the position it was at when you were born.

Essentially, it's your Birthday Reading, the chart that will be in play from one birthday to the next. Every year has new themes and "flavors".

If you are a Leo, you can book in now for 20% off the regular price ($150), a $30 savings ($120, after discount)!

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Talk to you soon,

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