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Astrological Energy For May 2021

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

May looks to be a pretty busy month astrologically! We have had a couple of months to enjoy the forward movement of all the planets being Direct, but that began to change on April 27, when Pluto turned Retrograde.

Pluto, the planet of power, passion, compulsion, vibration and transformation will be Retrograde in Capricorn until October 6, 2021. Pluto is a very slow-moving planet, it has been in Capricorn since January 27, 2008 and will stay there until January 2024. The planet retrogrades every year, so wherever Pluto is located in your Natal chart, this has been an ongoing theme.

May 3- Mercury enters Gemini

Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, rules Gemini, so it is right at home in this placement. Communication should become easier for all of us, no matter what your Sun sign is. Mercury’s influence will make us more articulate, logical and factual.

May 8- Venus enters Gemini

All our Gemini friends will be looking extra shiny and gorgeous!

May 11- New Moon in Taurus

This is a perfect New Moon to set intentions around welcoming abundance and more of everything you value.

May 13- Jupiter enters Pisces

Jupiter is the traditional Ruler of Pisces, so it is very much at home here. While it is here, shift your focus to creativity, deepening your intuition, compassion and inspiration.

Jupiter will go Retrograde in Pisces on June 20, 2021 and then return to Aquarius on July 28, 2021.

May 20- Sun enters Gemini

Happy Birthday to all the Geminis! Enjoy your season!

May 23- Saturn goes Retrograde in Aquarius

Saturn will be Retrograde in Aquarius until October 11, 2021. Saturn is the planet of limitation, constriction, discipline and life lessons. This is a good period for deep introspection. Take some time to reflect on your relationships, where you feel your duty lies and your sense of conviction. This is NOT a good time to begin a construction project.

May 26- Full Moon (and a Lunar Eclipse) in Sagittarius

This Full Moon brings the first Eclipse of the year. It is also a Super Full Moon, meaning its perigee is closer to Earth than normal, so it will appear bigger and brighter.

May 28/29- Mercury conjunct Venus

Positivity around love, relationships and creativity.

May 29- Mercury goes Retrograde in Gemini

Rethink. Redo. Review. Renew. Mercury is retracing its steps and so should you! This is not a good time to begin something new, but a time to slow down and reevaluate. This Retrograde is in the Air sign of Gemini which has to do with communication (thinking, talking, writing) so that’s where things can go awry! Reread every email before you send it! Rehearse your words before you have important conversations!

May looks to be pretty busy from an astrological standpoint. Check back for more in-depth updates in my "What's up in the Sky?" posts that happen closer to the relevant date for each transit.

If you are interested in looking more in-depth at how these energies affect you personally, I invite you to book a Natal Chart Reading, a Solar Return Chart Reading (your birthday reading) or a 12-month Moon Report (looking at each New Moon and Full Moon as they touch your chart).

Cheers 🥂 to moving forward, moving backward and recalibrating it all!

Tricia 💓 💓 💓

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