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Mars Stations Direct

Mars has been Retrograde since October 30, 2022 and will station Direct on Thursday, January 12, 2023.

The best news this week is that Mars, the planet of energy and assertiveness, will station Direct on Thursday, January 12, 2023.

If you have been feeling stuck, stalled, lethargic, with low energy and vitality...get ready for that to change!

After Mars stations Direct, you can look forward to feeling alive, with drive, ready to move forward and get things done.

Keep in mind that Mercury is still Retrograde until January 18, 2023. More relief will be in store when that planet stations Direct.

We just had the Full Moon in Cancer on Friday and that energy is just over and the Moon is now in the waning phase for the next 2 weeks.

If you are a Moon Lover or just curious about the way the power of the Moon impacts us, I am holding a FREE webinar on Thursday, January 12, 2023 (I had to wait for Mars to turn Direct cuz it's been kicking my butt! )

Click on the button to register, it'll be lots of fun!

Venus (the planet of love and beauty) is zipping through Aquarius and will have brief conversations with Mars (energy), Chiron (our wound) and Uranus (change and transformation).

This could be a bit rocky! You may go from feeling charming, charismatic and beautiful, having lots of fun-to feeling hurt or jealous-to feeling like you want to be free, independent and try something totally different.

Keep in mind, Venus moves pretty quickly, so this energy won't last long. Don't make a permanent decision based on energy that is fleeting!

The Sun is still in Capricorn, so when both Mars and Mercury station Direct, we'll still have a little time to use that practical, grounded, get-it-done energy get 2023 rolling, start achieving our dreams, reaching our goals, learning new things and seeing new places.

I'm excited, are you?

P.S. I am always available if you have questions or are wondering about something! Book in for a FREE 15-minute Clarity Call:

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