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Welcome to Cancer Season!

Cancer season is with us from June 21-July 23. Happy birthday to all the beautiful Cancer souls!

Welcome to Cancer season!

It began on June 21, at the Summer Solstice and lasts until the Sun moves into Leo on July 23.

Cancer season comes to remind us to slow down, take a rest and take care of ourselves.

Think beach days, spa days, long afternoon naps, reading in the hammock or under the shade of a tree.

Cancer is a sensitive, emotional Water sign. It is the most caring and nurturing sign in the zodiac. It's the MOM in all of us!

The hallmark characteristics of Cancer include: kind, loyal, sympathetic, sensitive, intuitive, protective, nurturing, tenacious, family-oriented, loving, caring, gentle.

It is a sweet, sweet sign, but the big message is:

You Can't Give from an Empty Cup

You need to take care of your needs first, so you are able to show up for others.

Use this period to slow down, take some deep breaths, spend time with the people that you love and care about most, do fun, relaxing activities. Rest, recharge and reset your physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

Cancer rules home, family, foundations, roots, traditions, safety, security, feelings of belonging, tenacity, financial security, emotional closeness, early childhood conditioning, caring, empathy, vulnerability, tenderness, moods, awareness of your own feelings, sensitivity to others' feelings, gut instincts and motherhood.

Cancer rules the 4th House in the natural zodiac chart. But in your chart, it may be in a different House. Whatever House it is in (there are 12 of them) determines the area of life you want to focus on for this period.

If you want to check where Cancer is located in your chart or you want to discuss what you can learn from a Natal Chart Reading, book in for a FREE 15-minute Clarity Call. Click the button to reserve your time:

Rest, relax and enjoy Cancer season! (Is it nap time yet? 😉)

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